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“Gallery Kawari” was started as a small equipment blacksmith in 1907.

Now it is renovated as a gallery next to the iron foundry but it still remains the feel of the old Japanese-style housing.

You can enjoy not only industrial goods but also metallic art works and interiors we produced here at “Gallery Kawari”


brandkawari kawari_logo


“Kawari Andon”,which almost seems as if it’s a paper cutout though it is a metal artwork, and its gentle light creates a comforting space. Some metallic handicrafts make us imagine the ancient Nara and Manyo(ancient Era of Japan). These artworks can be made to order so you can have your own design only in the world.

brandyurari ロゴ

(Yurari Kohgei)

“Yurari Kougei” whose head and tail swings slowly. After the art work shaped in Tiger named “Furi-Tora-kun” was made, many series of other animal art works were born one after another. There are not only animals appear in “Eto”, but also dearsand doves.more…

brandtekkou kakimototetsu_logo

(Kakimoto Iron Works)

Many interiors are made by taking advantage of ironsmith techniques in here. These interiors create confortable living space and you can enjoy their changes by aging. We suggest design gives the warmth of the iron foundry.more…

Kakimoto Metal Working Tour

Let’s join a tour of Kakimoto Co. to see how the goods in gallery produced up close.

Kakimoto Metal Working Tour

Our foundry began as a small smith in1907 and now it restarted as a iron foundry.

You can see how to process iron and stainless to hand-made industrial part and interiors by using a laser beam machining and pressing with heavy machine.

Though it is not massive, it is our pleasure to show how to give life to the drawing our spirit of creativity.

Things to do

(1)Introduction of our iron foundry
(2)Field trip of manufacturing floor
(3)Gallery visiting

Group size
Up to 10 participants
*over 10 participants, divide into small groups


*Stepping stairs a lot. Please come in “easy to move looking.”
*Foundry is a bit dusty. Please bring mask if you need.


2-19-8, Tatsunokita, Sango-cho Ikoma-gun, Nara, 636-0821, Japan
Gallery Kawari
TEL:+81 745 51 8001 / FAX:+81 745 51 8002
*In Japanese, please contact us.
weekday and the second Saturday 9:00~17:00




By train
Get off at JR line Sango Station and walk toward “Tastuta Taisha” 15 minutes.

By car
Start from “Shinzenbashi”, go straight along Route 25 until you get to “Tastuta Taisha”. Parking lot is at the crossing.

2-19-8, Tatsunokita, Sango-cho Ikoma-gun, Nara, 636-0821, Japan google map

Gallery Kawari (Kakimoto co.,ltd.)

TEL:+81 745 51 8001 / FAX:+81 745 51 8002

Open:weekday and the second Saturday 9:00~17:00

You can buy some goods display at the gallery next to the foundry.

Kakimoto co.,ltd.

2-19-8, tatsunokita sango-cho ikoma-gun Nara 636-0821 JAPAN

TEL:+81 745 72 2240 / FAX:+81 745 72 3681